He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

Have you ever had a man tell       you he likes you,enjoys dating

you,but isn’t ready for a

relationship right now?I get

get letters from

women all the time who are upset

when the man they’re dating        delivers this message.                    Usually, the woman paints him as a villain, when he’s actually just being honest.

A man can be a good guy without wanting the long term relationship. The big question I always ask is, “Are you intending to make babies?” If not, why not just enjoy this man and see where it goes.

Women tend to be hung up on a relationship needing to ‘move to the next level.’ But what if just being together and enjoying each other IS the next level? If you want to get married, can you give a clear answer to why? So often, we want things simply because we’ve taught to want them, not because it’s what our heart desires.

Get very clear about what you REALLY want, and why. Then, if you honestly need to know his long term intentions ‘right now,’ then this is not the man for you. If you’re willing to allow things to unfold in their own way, in their own time, you could be surprised at how much you enjoy the journey.

And remember, even when we have that commitment and the promises, there are no guarantees that they’re going to last. Even with marriage and children, there are no guarantees.

What I notice is women are not able to enjoy that unfolding, because they’re so focused on what is ‘supposed to be,’ and worried about ‘where is this going.’

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More Flirting Tips And How To Keep His Interest In The Long Term

All these tips on how to attract a guy are very well and good, but what happens after you’ve fluttered your eye lids a few times? How do you keep his attention and make him want you? If you want the real secret to getting a man and keeping his interest in the long term, check out From Flirting To Forever by Kara Oh, a widely recognised dating expert. I’ve read it a few times, and From Flirting To Forever is the only guide you’ll ever need to allow you to attract and keep a loving man. You can see my From Flirting To Forever Review here. Good luck with finding your boyfriend, and if you want to know how to attract a man then check out that book.

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How To Attract A Man

So, you want to know how to attract a man? You’ve come to the right place,Below are some proven methods you can use to attract a man;

Present Yourself In An Attractive Manner

What you wear and how present yourself can be a very big factor when it comes to attracting a man. If you wear clothes that remind a man of his mother, it’ll make it a whole lot harder to make him attracted to you (Unless he’s into that sort of thing). Smart and sexy is the way forward. You want your clothes to be a little bit revealing, just enough for them to see a bit of skin and want to see more. Don’t over do this revealing thing though, as reveal too much and you’ll start to attract the wrong type of guy.

Make sure you’re smelling nice too. If a guy goes out of his way to talk to you and your body odours are protruding through your clothes, chances are he’ll go out of his way to get away from you just as fast. Having daily washes (Sometimes twice daily for some people) and wearing deodorant will help keep any unwanted smells away. This may seem like an obvious point to some people, but it is not for everyone. You may also want to wear some light perfume, not too much as this is also a turn off for some men. So now you’re looking and smelling attractive, the next step is to make sure a guy notices you.

Give Him The Sign

Remember, guys are only human too. While you’re worrying about how to attract a man and getting a boyfriend, a lot of them are worrying about how to attract a girl and getting a girlfriend! Have you ever seen a guy who clearly wants to talk to someone but doesn’t end up doing it? They may be just as shy as you if not more so about getting a partner, and even if they find you attractive they may not approach you out of the fear of rejection. So how do you let a guy know it’s OK for him to come and approach you? Well, you give him a sign of course! But wait, what is the sign? A typical sign would be an acknowledgement of him. Catch his eye, and when you’re both looking at each other give him a smile. This is a classic sign you’re interested, and after one too three uses he should have no doubt you’re interested in him.

So how long do you hold the look and smile? Well, you hold the look until he’s looking back at you. When you catch his eye, smile directly at him for two to three seconds and look down / back at your friends while still smiling. Don’t worry if you get nervous and can’t hold the smile for that long, even if you pull away quickly and look nervous about staring at this guy, that’s still a good sign that you’re interested. Just make sure you get that initial bit of eye contact and he sees that smile. Do this up to three times and he should hopefully approach you. If by the second time he’s not giving you a smile back when you do this however, leave it there as he’s probably not interested.

Approach Him

So what happens if you give him the sign three times, he smiles and looks back but he doesn’t approach you? These methods showing how to attract a man don’t work do they? Wrong, sometimes guys are just too shy to make a move. So what to do next? Well, you could always approach him… Now wait I hear you say, isn’t this lesson about how to attract a man? Yes, it is. And sometimes to attract a man you have to approach them. You done the attracting by giving him the signs and him giving you the signs back (Him smiling and watching you). But if he seems interested but hasn’t approached you yet there’s a reason. It could be that he’s shy to approach a girl, or it could be that you’re with all your friends and he wouldn’t want to talk to you and potentially embarrass himself in front of all those people. This is why you’d want to approach him.

This may seem like a hard job but remember, he’s already showed that he has some interest in you. If he’s by himself, walking up to him at a steady pace and simply saying “Hi, my name is *insert your name here*” can simply be enough to start a conversation and get things moving.

If he’s with all his friends however, you may not want to go over and talk to him alone. Here you have two options. 1, you may want to go over with a friend of two of your own. That way you can talk to him, and your friends can talk to his friends. 2, a better option may be to call him over. You may want to separate yourself from your friends (e.g. Find a separate table by yourself or stand in a open space) and next time you get eye contact with him give him a little wave. This may be a ‘come here’ wave, or a ‘hello’ wave, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. What is important is that you’re smiling when you do it and it’s not aggressive. You don’t want to make him feel like you’re summoning him, more like you’re inviting him to a better place. He may wave you over to him as a reply, and you can either go, or gently shake your head and invite him over again. If he comes over to you, you can get talking. If neither of you choose to go over to the other, you can go back to your friends and move on to the next guy.

Flirt With Him

Just because you start talking to a guy, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try and attract him any more. All of the previous stages where leading up to this point, sealing the deal. The previous stages were all geared at giving him a good first impression and making yourself seem attractive enough to get a dialogue going. Now you have that dialogue, the next stage is to get him to want you for you. How do you do that? Just be yourself, but be flirty with it! Not over the top flirty, but a little touch of his knee when he makes a joke (Laugh, then briefly touch his knee if you’re both sitting down) or gentle push when he saying something cheeky will instigate friendly play and make them feel more attractive and at ease with you. You want to do this too much if he doesn’t do the same back, but doing this two or three times will better let you know where you’re at.

You can also verbally flirt with him, as whether or not he does the same back this can make you seem attractive in his eyes. You don’t want to be outright rude or full on, but some cheeky banter can make you seem like a fun person and make him see you as more then just a potential friend. It’s all about tapping in to making him see you as a potential partner, come across as just another one of his friends and you’ll have a hard time turning that view around (His friends are just his friends for a reason after all).

More Flirting Tips And How To Keep His Interest In The Long Term

All these tips on how to attract a guy are very well and good, but what happens after you’ve fluttered your eye lids a few times? How do you keep his attention and make him want you? If you want the real secret to getting a man and keeping his interest in the long term, check out From Flirting To Forever by Kara Oh, a widely recognised dating expert. I’ve read it a few times, and From Flirting To Forever is the only guide you’ll ever need to allow you to attract and keep a loving man. You can see my From Flirting To Forever Review here. Good luck with finding your boyfriend, and if you want to know how to attract a man then check out that book.

ps: please ensure to read the entire review( From Flirting To Forever) for the surprise package at the bottom of the page.

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Could This Be Why You’re Single?

I was talking to a 37 year old man today–I’ll call him Jake–about his recent experiences with women.He related a conversation he had on  the phone with a woman he hadn’t even met yet. She told him she had 63  things on her list that she was looking for in a man. She’d recently met  one who had 61 items on her list but it didn’t work out. Yikes!

Then, she sent Jake an email that said she was feeling fat. THEY HAVEN’T EVEN MET YET!!! Is this woman crazy?

He said all the women he’s met have been bossy and controlling.  They’re angry, bitter, and not even 40 yet. He’s generally dated women  under 30. He said women in their 20′s are still able and interested in  learning and improving themselves. He thought he wanted to start looking  for a woman who is older, has a career, and more mature. But now he’s  starting to re-think that idea. I know this man, he’s a great guy, kind,  loving, generous, fun, handsome, charismatic, and patient. But he’s  smart enough to know when a woman is going to be high maintenance, who  enjoys beating him up.

When I first met Chris, my ex-fiance’ and still good friend, he  marveled that I didn’t beat him up and wasn’t angry and bitter, as he  said most women over 40 seemed to be. He just couldn’t get over it.

Ladies, if you’re reading this, can you see yourself in this young  man’s description of today’s “confident, capable, take-no-prisoners”  modern woman? There’s a reason why you’re single. It’s not that there  are no good men left. It’s that the good ones don’t want to go out with  an angry woman.

My calling in life is to teach women how to get back to enjoying  being a woman and being with a man. What’s going on today is scary. It  makes me sad that so many women and men are wanting to be in a relationship, but they don’t have a clue why it’s not working for them.

Any woman who is ready to quit wasting her time on the dating merry-go-round needs to understand the basic foundation of dating smart.

There are plenty of good men out there but you’ve got to know how to  attract them. They’re running scared because most women they meet are  angry and don’t seem to even like men. If you can learn the art of being able to understand  men,  you’ll be shocked how men will stand in line for the chance to get to  know you. It’s not that difficult but you need to be willing to make the  changes that will not only make you more attractive but also make you  happier.

1.Do You Know How To Get a Man To Fall In Love (and STAY in love) With You?

• Do You Know the Powerful “Attraction Factor” That Most Women Are Completely Unaware Of?

If you want answers to the above  questions and more about dating read this……

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dangers of online dating


Dangers of Internet Dating

The day has come when internet dating is considered a legitimate way of meeting new people in the endless search for the right person. Chat rooms have replaced bar rooms, and internet dating sites and personal ads no longer have the “stigma” that they once did. You may still get a raised eyebrow when telling people you are using the internet for your search for the perfect date, but no where close to the reaction you would have gotten years ago. Internet dating has gained popularity by leaps and bounds, and unfortunately, so have the dangers and horror stories some have encountered.
The anonymity of internet dating has afforded con artists a new playground for scams, and has allowed people to be anyone they think you want them to be because they are engaging you primarily through the written word. This site is not meant to bring forth the message that its impossible to find love through internet dating, but to inform people of the dangers that are out there. Internet dating is still a relatively new way of people connecting with people from all over the globe, and people need to understand the dangers out there so they can make their search a safe one. Included in this site or stories from those that have been there, and are willing to share their experiences with others in an effort to educate people and learn from their mistakes. If you have a story and would like to share your experiences with internet dating and dating websites please feel free to email it to us!
Internet dating has been portrayed mostly with “success stories”, because many of those who have had bad experiences are too embarrassed to talk about them openly, thinking they are the rarity, or the “unlucky one”.  Movies and T.V. have also focused on the lighter side of internet dating and dating websites as opposed to the darker side. What’s tricky here is people WANT to believe they are going to find what they are looking for (nothing wrong with that) and DON’T want to believe someone may be lying to them or playing games. They think they are “too smart” to fall for b.s., and it is that attitude that leaves them wide open to be proven wrong. If you are planning to surf the internet with high hopes and expectations, arm yourself with the knowledge of what to avoid and what to watch out for, so you have the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

Unfortunately there are many hidden dangers in the world of internet dating, and it’s up to you to recognize the signs and red flags so that your internet dating experience stands the best chance of success, rather than leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
The internet dating “scene” is one of the easiest places for someone to cheat on their spouse or significant other, or to use the internet dating area as a place for promiscuity. The danger of long-distance internet romance is it is extremely easy for someone already involved with a partner to go out and cheat in a relatively safe (for them) environment. Get a secret email address, create a persona, and have a cell phone and, if necessary a p.o. box and your all set!!! Many times, before someone can verify that all they have been told over the internet by someone they are interested in dating is the truth, they are already emotionally vested and don’t want to hear the truth, or get hurt by hearing the truth. You must realize the internet dating scene can be dangerous to those who don’t take it seriously, and for those too trusting in nature. Please read further in the site to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to internet date safely, watch out for the signs of danger, and pay attention to EVERY red flag you see!!
Internet dating has proved to be successful for some, but statistics show it is not always successful for many, and the price for their internet dating experience in spades. . The numerous horror stories of bad internet experiences can range from the humorous, to the deadly. If you have decided that you really want to try internet dating, remember to take it seriously, and play it safe. There are many numerous internet dating websites, that offer a variety of options, pick one that is right for you. The costs of internet dating websites  vary also, so shop around for the best value. You can also post or answer personal ads to meet your internet date. Many of these sites are free, with a simple registration. Internet dating websites often have numerous testimonials on their websites of how they met their soulmate or spouse using their internet dating service. What they won’t put on their site however, is testimonials from people who have had bad experiences. Those you will find here! Please read our internet scam victims stories pages, and perhaps you can avoid an internet dating situation like they went through, or, if you have had a bad internet dating experience you wont feel so alone! Please feel free to send us your internet dating experiences with your permission to post your story.
We recently received the following letter from Carolle, who gave us permission to print her story:
“I was fooling around on the internet sending emails back and forth to some girlfriends of mine. One friend kept pressuring me to try internet dating since my dating life seemed to be going nowhere fast. She sent me an internet dating website and we started going through the profiles, and she helped me to make a profile of my own. We decided to leave it to fate and go through the ones that contact me first. This was how I met Matt, who lived in another state, but said he put an ad in mine because his job was re-locating him this year, so he may as well look for love where he was going to be living. This sounded reasonable at the time, but now, looking back on it, this was red flag number 1. We exchanged emails with more and more frequency, and seemed to have a lot in common. He asked for my phone number and I asked for his instead. He said that since he was moving he had disconnected his home phone number and only used his cel in preparation for his move. Again, this sounded like no problem, but should have been red flag number 2! We chatted on the phone, and he seamed anxious to meet, and said he would be in my area because he would be house hunting in a few months. So, we kept talking on the phone, and I began to notice he didn’t answer my calls mainly during evenings and weekends. He said since work was paying for it, he had to limit his evening and weekend calls. Once again, this guy had an excuse for everything, and I should have seen this as red flag number 3! I went back on the internet dating site, and saw his profile was still active, even though we spoke everyday and planned to meet next month! (This red flag I did pay more attention to.) A friend told me she was writing to some men on the internet dating site from out of state, I decided just to browse, just to see what was out there. Guess who was? Matt was! He was in several different states, with several different “handles” but the one thing he did was keep the same photo. So, I asked my friend to help me set up a phony profile on the internet dating site to try and find out what he was up to. I wrote to him pretending to be a woman from a different state, far away from where I lived. We wrote back and forth and I got an email from him saying how he was going to be moving to THAT state in a few months, and was going to be in THAT area because THAT was where he was moving! I was fuming, I realized this was all a bunch of lies, this man was never moving to my town or any other, he was just using this internet dating site as a way to make false promises to women looking for something long term, it is obvious he had no plans to deliver! Now when I go to the internet dating sites, I only choose people that live in my area NOW. I recommend people looking for a long term relationship to start in their area!”


ps: I recommend the above dating service to all singles out there,internet dating is no longer safe.with this service you get hooked up with the people of your interest in person.Have a great dating experience.

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